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How long until I get my stuff?

You should expect your print to arrive in 2-4 weeks, maybe sooner. We are a small studio so until we get interns to mail stuff, it's all on us.  

I'm antsy, where is it?

Please check with your mail carrier or local post office before contacting us if you think a shipment is not arriving. If your address was wrong, we'll have to wait until it comes back to us then you may choose one of these 2 options:
1. Pay to have it sent to the right place
2. Get a refund, minus the original shipping cost.

I've suddenly decided I don't want this, can I return it?

Refunds are only given to products that have not shipped yet. There are no returns on items that have shipped.

How do you ship your prints?

We roll our prints in Kraft paper and mail them in sturdy Yazoo Mills shipping tubes, in blazing white. We'll put a fragile sticker on there too, for the off chance that makes any difference.

My stuff arrived damaged. I am visibly upset.

Please email us with photos of the damage, your order number and the number on the print. We're talking postal damage here, if your kid made a diorama out of it, not our issue. But do send a picture of that as well.

What does shipping cost?

7 dollars US, 12 dollars all around the globe.

Do you charge sales tax?

We are required by law to charge sales tax in the state of Connecticut. Anywhere else, no. This should happen automatically during your checkout process.

This is all neat, can I commission you to do something?

Possibly, use the contact form and we'll talk! Visit our website for more work www.cureforthecommon.com